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"Barney McGee (jr) is the ancestor of the great and wellknown Barney Mc Gee (From the Banks of the Lee) who died when their famous sailing ship - the Irish Rover – sank down to the bottom of the ocean, along with six million dogs. In the past McGee broke many bones, some of them healed properly, others did not. It looks like he personally invented – and lived by – the famous rules of Murphey. That however didn’t withhold him from playing the accordion, which he, by wonder, managed to keep in one piece together. When in a rather silly state of mind, usually from about 18 o clock, he frequently picks up and plays the Ukelele, whick is however not very much appreciated by the rest of the Beggars.

Agus fagaimid siud mar ata se……"

Barney McGee
'from the banks of the Lee'
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